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What is Smart Building?

What is Smart Building?

We hear the word intelligent building many times, but we try to describe it in a way that we can falsely imagine a false lie. In this article, what is the intelligent building to our valuable followers by going out from here? I want information. When an intelligent building is said, the first thing must come to mind is to give a significant unity to such things as energy efficiency, communication systems, security systems, workplace automation systems. However, the materials to be used in these buildings must have engineering success. When designing a smart building, static and dynamic structure is first considered. That is, it is important that it is resistant to depression. The goal of building intelligent buildings is to provide maximum utility, maximum savings and great functionality.
In order to talk about an intelligent unit, the four essential elements that we have not specified should certainly be considered. You can give them an offer that opens them in order.

Energy efficiency

When designing a smart building, it is planned that many of its features will coexist. These expectations are a must. Both hardware and energy must be at the highest level. Presenting an analyzer in a smart junction. The intelligent building should be planned from inside and not be wasted.

Security systems

Security in smart buildings is the front plan. Therefore, it is ensured that the required materials are carefully selected while still in the construction phase. For example, warnings and extinguishing mechanisms must be in place to use the material that will prevent the flames from growing despite possible fire. At the same time, proper design must be made so that people can leave their homes quickly. In particular, the use of disabled citizens should be considered. Entry and exit security must be fully ensured.

Communication-communication systems

The personnel inside and outside the building should be able to communicate easily and with little cost. The appropriate systems must be installed. PBX phone system, wireless system, vidyoText, wireless internet, teleconference system can be shown as an example.

Workplace Automation Systems

Any mechanism that will increase the efficiency of the personnel working at the workplace should be ensured to be easy to set up and share information. Staff should be comfortable in the building in any case.

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